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tour for the fall [20 Sep 2004|08:01am]
I must say this is one of the most entertaining bands I have ever seen live, don't miss your chance. I had never heard even one song when I went to the show. I still ended up connecting with the band, and enjoying the show much more than I thought I would. Highly recommended.

09.20.04 Madame JoJo's London, UK Ticket Info
support: TBA address: 8-10 Brewer St.
tix: $12.50 times: 7:00pm doors / 8:00pm show ages: 18+

09.21.04 Melkweg Amsterdan, NET Ticket Info
support: Juliets Ghost address: Linjbaansgracht 234a
tix: $9 Euro times: 8:30pm doors/ 9:00pm show ages: TBA

09.22.04 Molotow Hamburg, GER
support: Fast Forward, SPEX address: Spielbudenplatz 5 (Reeperbahn)
tix: TBA times: 9:00pm show ages: TBA

09.24.04 Knaack Klub Berlin, GER
support: TBA address: Greifswalder Strasse 224
tix: $13 Euro times: 9:00pm doors/ 10:00pm show ages: TBA

09.26.04 Prime Club Cologne, GER Ticket Info
support: TBA address: Luxemburgerstr. 40 50674 Koln
tix: $13 Euro times: 8:00pm doors/ 9:00pm show ages: TBA

09.27.04 Atomic Cafe Munich, GER
support: TBA address: Neuturmstr 5
tix: TBA times: TBA ages: TBA

09.28.04 Le Boule Noir Paris, FR
support: Katzenjammer Kabaret address: TBA
tix: TBA times: TBA ages: TBA

09.29.04 ABClub Brussels, BEL Ticket Info
support: Donkey Diesel address: Ancienne Belgique Anspach 110
tix: $10 Euro times: 8:00pm show ages: ALL

10.02.04 Debaser Club Stockholm, SWE
support: Yumi Yumi address: Karl Johans Torg 1
tix: TBA times: 8:00pm doors ages: TBA

10.08.04 EMO'S Austin, TX Ticket Info
support: Count Zero , Les Messiurs Du Rock, Problem, Jolly Garogers, Awesome Cool Dudes address: 603 Red River Dr.
tix: TBA times: TBA ages: ALL

10.09.04 Mary Janes Fat Cat Houston, TX
support: Count Zero address: 4216 Washington Ave..
tix: $8 times: 8:00pm doors/ 9:00pm show ages:

10.10.04 Gypsy Tea Room Dallas, TX
support: Count Zero address: 2548 Elm St.
tix: $10/$12 times: 8:00pm doors / 9:00pm show ages: 17+

10.12.04 One Eyed Jacks New Orleans, LA
support: Count Zero address: 615 Toullouse St.
tix: $8 times: 9:00pm doors / 10:00pm show ages: 18+

10.13.04 Workplay Theater Birmingham, AL
support: Count Zero address: 500 23rd South
tix: $8 times: 7:00pm doors / 8:00pm show ages: ALL

10.15.04 40 Watt Club Athens, GA
support: Gogol Bordello , Count Zero address: 285 W. Washington
tix: $8 times: 9:00pm doors / 10:00pm show ages: 18+

10.16.04 Echo Lounge Atlanta, GA
support: Count Zero address: 551 Flat Shoals Ave N.E.
tix: $10 times: 9:00pm doors / 10:00pm show ages: 18+

10.17.04 Uptown Theater Kansas City
support: PJ Harvey, The Music, Sonic Youth address: 3700 Broadway St.
tix: $9.65 times: TBA ages: ALL
KRBC 96.5 The Buzz "Halloweenie Roast" Radio Show

10.19.04 State Theater St. Petersburg, FL
support: Count Zero address: 687 Central Ave
tix: $8 times: 7:30pm doors / 8:30pm show ages: ALL

10.20.04 Club Downunder Tallahassee, FL
support: Count Zero address: A303 Oglesby Union - Florida State University
tix: $8 times: 7:30pm doors / 8:30pm show ages: 18+

10.22.04 Cat's Cradle Carborro, NC
support: The Butchies , Count Zero address: 300 East Main St.
tix: $8 times: 8:30pm doors / 9:30pm show ages: ALL

10.24.04 Orange Peel Asheville, NC
support: Count Zero address: 300 East Main St.
tix: $10 times: 7:30pm doors / 8:30pm show ages: ALL

10.27.04 Black Cat Washington, DC
support: Count Zero address: 1811 14th St. N.W.
tix: $10 times: 8:30pm doors / 9:15pm show ages: ALL

10.29.04 Bowery Ballroom New York, NY
support: Count Zero address: 6 Delancy St
tix: $15 times: 8:00pm doors / 9:00pm show ages: 18+

10.30.04 Avalon Ballroom Boston, MA
support: The Tiger Lilies , Count Zero address: 15 Lansdowne St.
tix: $15 times: 8:00pm doors / 9:00pm show ages: ALL

10.31.04 Pearl Street Northampton, MA
support: Count Zero address: 15 Lansdowne St.
tix: $15 / $18 times: TBA ages: ALL

11.02.04 Cabaret Music Hall Montreal, QUE
support: Count Zero address: 2111 St. Laurent
tix: $15.50 times: 8:00pm doors / 9:00pm show ages: 18+

11.03.04 Mod Club Theatre Toronto, ONT
support: Count Zero address: 722 College St
tix: $12 times: 8:00pm doors / 9:00pm show ages: 19+

11.05.04 Park West Chicago, IL
support: Count Zero address: 322 W. Armitage Ave.
tix: $15 times: 7:30pm doors / 8:30pm show ages: ALL

11.06.04 TBA
support: address:
tix: times: ages:

11.08.04 Bluebird Theater Denver, CO
support: Count Zero address: 3317 E. Colfax Ave.
tix: $11 times: 8:00pm doors / 8:45pm show ages: ALL

11.09.04 Club Sound Salt Lake City, UT
support: Count Zero address: 579 West 200 South.
tix: TBA times: 8:00pm doors / 9:00pm show ages: ALL

11.12.04 Neumos Crystal Ball Reading Room Seattle, WA
support: Count Zero address: 925 E. Pike St.
tix: $10 times: 7:00pm doors / 8:00pm show ages: ALL

11.13.04 Red Room Vancouver, BC
support: Count Zero address: 398 Richards St.
tix: $12 times: TBA ages: TBA

11.15.04 Aladin Theater Portland, OR
support: Count Zero address: 3017 S.E. Milwaukee
tix: $10 times: 7:00pm doors / 8:00pm show ages: ALL

11.17.04 Great American Music Hall San Francisco, CA
support: Count Zero address: 859 O'Farrell St.
tix: $16 times: 8:00pm doors / 9:00pm show ages: ALL

11.19.04 El Rey Theater Los Angeles, CA
support: Count Zero address: 5515 Wilshire Blvd.
tix: $16 times: 8:00pm doors / 9:00pm show ages: ALL

11.20.04 Epicentre San Diego, CA
support: Count Zero address: 8450 Mira Mesa Blvd
tix: $12 times: 7:30pm doors / 8:30pm show ages: ALL
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rant #0016 [30 Aug 2003|10:38pm]
Historically speaking one of the main ways for the Church and Ruling Classes to keep the commoners in place was to keep them illiterate. Reading created thought, thought lead to meditation, meditation led to ideas, ideas led to dissatisfation with the status quo. As more and more people became literate, absolutism began to dramtically decline. By nature sinful humans all have an unbalanced
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rant #0015 [26 Mar 2003|01:23pm]
When I heard this tidbit of news I thought I should pass it along. The ramifications are mind-boggling.

"'The National Pork Board' has recently released the first sketchings of the ad campaign they are preparing to release following the impending regime change in Iraq. Sources indicate that there are many substantial rumors from key offices indicating that the new regime is going to be very pro-pork. As a result of the potential of a large group of new pork consumers, 'The National Pork Board' has announced that they are coming up with a Middle-Eastern friendly ad campaign, they are currently utilizing several Islamic focus groups to test the effectiveness of the campaign. For more information you can
visit the website at http://www.otherwhitemeat.com/iraq1.asp
or by phone

When I saw this I don't think I can accurately convey my feelings at this time. Truly a testament to cultural unawareness and corporate machinations.
At first I thought it was a joke, but the only joke is that this is going on at all.
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rant #0014 [26 Mar 2003|07:55am]
In times of distress you can see how ignorance can be immensely comforting. One the one hand, being ignorant often times eliminates crucial information to recall that would compound your awareness at the terrible realities surrounding you. On the other hand ignorance makes taking action much easier. You don't have all that muddy grey to wallow through before choosing a course of action. Although I must admit this ignorance can be very annoying to me.

" For in the end we will conserve only what we love. We will love only what we understand. We will understand only what we are taught . " - B. Dioum"

One only has to open there ears to receive glorious revelations of how little we know and understand about the Iraqi people and Middle Eastern culture as a whole. The end result of this conflict will most likely be the removal of Saddam Hussein from power, but what needs to be analyzed is if you'll pardon the illustration, We cut back the vine to encourage growth, or we uproot the vine to plant something new. For all of the failings of any world leader, one must consider the fragility of history. Some of the places destroyed in this conflict will have had feet wear away more years than the US has existed. Every bomb dropped on the city of Iraq is like a drop of white out, eliminating that part of the script from the screenplay of all the efforts of the men who walked that land before Saddam.
But I digress, if we don't understand and learn, we will never cultivate a value and respect for anything. Men have never been able to come up with a long-lasting solution for the betterment of the world. Elements of greed, desire for instantaneous gratification, and conflict being solved through violence. After you eliminate everyone who differs with you, you'll find yourself in an empty room.
Here's a quote from Albert Einstein. "I do not know what weapons will be used in World War III, but I know what will be used in World War IV, sticks and stones." And if extend this thought a little further if the world continues on unchecked in the same way it is progressing now, and we get to the point the only weapons we have left to fight with are sticks and stones, think of what else we will be left. Our callused feet will walk across the broken pieces of a shattered global civilization, our hands will hold the dust of all the aspirations of the human heart, our minds will hold the last remains of the world that was accidentally built in between the violence, and of course our eyes will be filled with tears and hatred, and our strength fueled with the need for revenge to repay those who took all this away from us.
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rant #0013 [25 Mar 2003|12:33pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

So the war is won, I mean started. Bush is asking Congress to authorize 74 billion dollars for the war efforts, and rebuilding costs after the regime is removed. That's less than the price of a cup of coffee. Apparently Sally Struthers is being given a second chance to bring food and Jesus to the masses that will now be primed for relief efforts. All I can say is they had best praise Allah that their prayers have been answered.
I was recently reading some of the innumerable comments on the BBC news page, some are very noteworthy, I will list and then scorn when applicable.

My great-great-great-great-great-grandfather, Thomas Jefferson, warned that such entanglements with the Middle East were ill-advised and would involve us in perpetual war to the detriment of the United States.
-Marla Randolph Stevens
While she makes a good point, and makes a few more further on, I just couldn't resist such a humurously exaggerated form of name dropping, as my great-exponentially- grandfather Adam once said, "she made me do it"

What if Russia figures that North/South Korea is a matter of national security? Or Afghanistan? Or maybe Poland? Do they need approval from the UN before they move in?
Pera Detlic - What can I say a very valid question.

Firstly this is not an illegal war. No, Blair and Bush do not have the backing of the UN but Saddam is still performing the illegal act against the UN. Yes the UN could just let him continue on and on producing weapons of mass destruction. Darren Smart - Actually unless I am mistaken the problem is that they refuse to disarm, not because they are guilty of having weapons of mass-destruction. All they have found are weapons they aren't supposed to have, not necessarily womd.

You can't make an omelet without breaking eggs-
Mike Fidgeon
-Hmm, one could justify the evils of Saddam's regime with the same logic, couldn't they.

Former US President, Ben Franklin said
Well he goes on to make a good point, but it is still a funny opener.

The (unimaginable) $75 billion that the US is planning to spend on the war on Iraq could be better spent feeding and developing starving nations like Ethiopia and Sudan, combating poverty in countries like Brazil and Somalia, and educating children all over the world to be more tolerant of each other-
What kind of madness is this? How absurd. Help?

My heart goes out to the troops facing death, fighting people they don't even know.
As opposed to all those family get-together wars.

As for the money, it will prove a good investment when Iraqis stand on their own feet and march to a bright future. That country will be the Japan of the Middle East - an example for the Arab world.
How true, hopefully all that will be required is a couple of atomic bombs, and after all the dead are swept away, and the cancer care centers are in full swing, we will usher in a new age of geometric fuel efficient automobiles, ad inexpensive electronics. To steal from an above line. You can make an omelet without nuking a few chickens.

Maybe some of the anti-war individuals would soften their position if they received letters from the little boys and girls they are sponsoring. Maybe it could be sponsored by Kodak, they could supply free film, and get a tax write-off. What a wonderful world that would be.

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rant #0012 [20 Mar 2003|07:42am]
[ mood | disappointed ]

I am really unsure if their is a better comparison that exists in the human world, to vultures, than Bankruptcy lawyers. Besides the fact that they make their money off other's misfortune, which is not their monopoly certainly. I mean doctors, morticians, injury attorneys, etc. But its their method. Don't get me wrong injury attorneys are probably as bad, but their commercials are less annoying to me. However, the Bankruptcy Lawyers will not even admit what they are doing. They speak constantly about fresh starts, they don't mention that your fresh start could be as much as ten years in the future. Then recently they have been talking about how the government is changing the ways people can file for bankruptcy. They urge you like this is some sort of public service announcement, that the evil government is attempting to do everything it can to eliminate your ability to go bankrupt. Filing for bankruptcy never makes sense unless you are a corporation, and you are looking to get venture capital. This wont happen for te common Joe. You are better off ignoring collection calls and never paying your bills, than you are filing for bankruptcy. This is so humorous to me. An unpaid collection will go on your credit for seven years, filing bankruptcy and wiping it off the books it is on your credit for ten years. Just turn off the ringer. Would a bankrupt bankruptcy firm represent itself, and if so would they collect a fee? Just a little minor irritation, no big deal. It is just every time I see their smug faces, begging you to take advantage of all the benefits bankruptcy has to offer, first and foremost their own economic gain, I just want to punch them in the face.

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rant #0011 [19 Mar 2003|07:48am]
[ mood | thirsty ]

For a moment I am going to just lay out an idea that I had this morning. I am not going to spend the time doing research as in the coming days it will not really matter if I am right or not. I am not one of those people who stay up all night on caffeine and sustain myself of conspiratorial mid-night snacks. Although I do admit that I often doubt that the first answer is always the whole truth. Anyway I digress.
Imagine for a moment that maybe, just maybe Saddam is not an evil man. Perhaps he is the victim of bad publicity. No I am being serious. A dozen years ago during th Persian Gulf war many Iraqi soldiers surrendered to the US army. We were told this was because of how terribly they had been treated. But if they were so disloyal to-wards Saddam, why has the army never made a concerted effort(with UN backing) to over throw Saddam through a military coup? It cannot be fear alone, he must be respected and valued for some reason.
So here is where your imagination comes in, ask yourself how would you expect someone to act when they find themselves to be in a situation where you happen to be a very intelligent person, who has no real desire to compromise his goals and ideals simply because outside nations have asked it of him. But he cannot simply be left alone, because he is possession of a resource that is probably the singly most coveted resource in the world. Oil. So now you are confronted with someone who is too clever to give without getting more than he paid. Wont come to deal at a table where he hasn't dictated the rules, and then everyone around him is saying that he needs to give up the weapons he has to defend himself. Imagine if you found yourself in that situation, wouldn't you try to keep these weapons hidden, knowing the minute they were gone, your last bargaining chip would go with it. Yes he is in possession of banned weapons, but if you think about the reason for using them is most likely not the fact that he is evil, he know how people react to theses weapons. They generate fear. Fear in reality is his greatest weapon. He realistically has enough strength to handle any of his neighboring nations individually, he certainly doesn't have the strength to fight the UN. He has to have something to cover his bluff.
I am not saying that I feel any sympathy for Saddam, and most likely his evil is a reality. He has victimized people who were weaker than him. Those are the only stories we hear. What if all we knew about the US was the My Lai massacre. All I am saying is that there has to be something he has done for the nation of Iraq, even if it is nothing more than giving them some sort of pride at being able to thwart the efforts of the vast majority of nations of the world, to engender any sort of loyalty in his people. Just look at Hitler, he was a truly evil man, who used the systematic destruction of a race to motivate his national centralization, yet many of his actions were among some of the most efficient and beneficial bureaucratic reforms of the 20th century. Not that the end justifies the means. All I am trying to point out is that this is not a showdown at high-noon, with one cowboy in a white hat, and one with a black. What we have is a muddied affair, where all who enter will get stained, and none that enter will have clean hands to begin with.

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rant #0010 [18 Mar 2003|01:18pm]
[ mood | cynical ]

President Bush asked his mother, "What will I be? Will I be pretty? Will I be rich? Here's what she said, "Georgie...Que Sara, Sara, whatever will be, will be..."
So against all odds, it appears that there will be military action in Iraq, its a good thing that I am not a betting man, or all of my swampland in Nigeria would be in Tom Daschle's hands right now. I guess plans for my summer cottage can carry on as planned. President Bush's ultimatum speech was only fifteen minutes, but he managed to make sure he address his concern for the safety for the Iraqi oilfields, as he has made it no secret that he would prefer that no innocents get injured during this regime change. Interestingly if the US should somehow gain control of te Iraqi oil supply then in 500 million years all the civilian lives that were lost could potentially go to-wards future oil supplies. You really have to look not at the short term loss, but rather at the long term gain. And if I my just say if one looks at this crisis from a fatalist's perspective, in reality death is the ultimate freedom, so even the Iraqi innocents who die will gain freedom, albeit freedom from the burden of existence. And when you weigh this with the potential burgeoning affects this will have on the fragile and weak world economy this really is an opportunity not to be missed.
I do love satire, but honestly one must look sideways at those nations who most greatly speak against aggression. Truly are they the embodiment of all that is altruistic and humanitarian, hardly. The main names on the list all have substantial economic ties to the Iraqi nation that at the very least will be cast into uncertainty. And as we all know uncertainty is the first cause for the reduction of entrepreneurial investment. True this may be a bit jaded, but honestly, power in all its forms is the sustenance for governments. If they take in less and less the state will weaken. Do not at the ear tickling reasons for the motivation for any governmental action. Look at all the possible ramifications for the betterment of the state, and you will be closer to your answer.
To say that the Bush administration is acting out of Godly need, or even for the protection of freedom, and the American way of life you are seeing a very narrow part of the motivational spectrum. 911 was not an attack against the american way of life. If the attacks would have went unavenged the American Dream would not have died, however, unavenged the attacks would have sent a message of inability or desire to act. Which would have neutralized the reputation for being an undeniable world power. You will constantly hear these themes. The threat of the use of force, this ultimatum and the war sure to follow is at its simplest an effective way of demonstrating american power in the world scene. While many are arguing whether or not the war should happen, no one is questioning the outcome. Believe it or not, the US will emerge victorious from this conflict, Iraq will loose. However, one must ask, how greatly is a bully's reputation improved, when he beats up a lower class-men? No matter the answer, this is an object lesson, make no mistake about that. Paint it with whatever colors you want, encapsulate it however you need to, to be able to swallow it, the bottom line is the actions about to commence in Iraq are being conducted (1) to eliminate a regime that has many lucrative natural resources coupled with a negative diplomatic relationship, and (2) to send a message around the globe that who ever stands in opposition to the US and there political objectives have the distinct possibility to be destroyed, and swept away for a more favorable regime, no matter what the UN or any individual nation has to say.
"The future is ours to see, Que Sara, Sara"

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rant #0009 [02 Jul 2002|07:45am]
[ mood | aware ]

Well it has been far too long, and while I wont make any promises about similar lapses in the future. I hope that they will be some time in arriving.

I am alive and well, at least according to the definition in Merriam Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary. One thing that has struck me, is that with as easy as updating in the internet is, it is also a breeding ground for procrastinators. An "I can do it anytime" mentality causes anytime, to become no time.

As far as ranting goes, my mind has just been catching its intellectual breath so to speak, and I can't really find the time these days to be irritated over anything unduly. Although I must admit the media culture since sometime around the second week in September, I can place it to an exact date, but that is close enough. It really frustrates me that in a time when people are really looking to get information about the "world" around them; that for the most part they get spoon-fed propaganda styled worthless drivel. These "Terrorist Attacks" have been nearly glamourized, and made into a gimmicked trademark lines like "The War Against Terror" How can we fight against terror when terror resides on our side. Not that of the "enemy".
The enemy is also entirely subjective. One only needs to look at the Isreali/Palestinian terror based conflict to see two fundamentally opposed entities entirely convinced of the righteousness of their crusade. Both have convincing arguements, and both have their supporters. Unfortuantely each sides supporters seem to be more convinced based on underlying bias, and not objectivity. The Allied powers cannot admit that they made a serious blunder in so obtusely reinstituting a nation of Isreal.
The war on terror is supremely confusing to me because it hard for me not to look at it that each side uses the tools at it disposal. The American President termed fighting from the shadows dastardly acts. The US Army scorned the North Vietnamese army of not engaging in direct attacks, when similar tactics(from a philosophical perspective) are central towards the United States gaining their independence from the British Monarchy.
So even though the US went into Afghanistan, and wiped the country with their militaristic might, the war is by no means over, and the "enemy" is primarily unscathed, at least in all the ways that matter. Furthermore it is becoming increasingly evident that the haphazard and heavy handed apporach to the war on terror that the western powers have taken seem to be having an alienating affect on the entire nation of Islam. It wouldn't be entirely surprising to find out that the fundamentalists are no longer standing alone in their war against the "oppressive" western powers.
Now I have completely abandoned the media aspect that originally started this train of thought. The news cannot afford to be a real source of objective news. They need to project what people want to hear. It amazes me how many people do not even know that US isn't as well liked in the world community. It is reminds me of the Styx song. "I have dozens of friends, and the fun never ends. That is, as long as I'm buying."
So again we find two societies both being offered up as marytrs and subjects of divine approval. One must truly wonder what side dieties whose religious tomes speak endlessly of love and peace would be supportive of the wholesale distruction of another, no matter the reason. "Love thy enemy" indeed.

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rant #0008 [16 Apr 2002|03:00pm]
[ mood | blank ]

I hate "pop" music. It isn't that it isn't easy to listen to, or catchy. It is the lack of thought involved in it. Most mainstream artists, create their sound out of a board room, where they recycle old cliches into new packaging. I believe that there is a software program for love songs that just processes lyrics for them. They all sound the same, using similar lines. yet every person has a different idea of what love is, how is it that when it enters the music arena, all of a sudden they all use the same phrases. It has gotten to the point that I can guess pretty much with regularity what the next line out of the vocalist's mouth is going to be. There is hardly any musicians anymore the guitarist seem content to hit the same three cords over and over, keeping a steady beat and then having a non-surprising speed change. Almost all of the guitar "alternative" indie rock bands sound the same. One thing gets popular and then multitudes stream to emulate it, hoping to cash in on a big hit single. I am confident that you could take single songs from many of these artist, put them on a single release and proclaim they were all done by the same group, and no one would no the difference, They are faceless bands with interchangeable names. And now every single on seems to have rap element to it. Why is that? Is every band that comes out the product of rap/metal influences. I doubt it. It is just another opportunity to do what they enjoy, and they formulate it with whatever is working at the time. The bands that stay through the years are either the first to do a sound, or ones that are willing to following their creativity into different directions. Not many contemporary bands are surviving the years. The put out a few tracks, and then fade into obscurity.
The only bands that seem to keep there popularity right now are those who have been turned into commodities, where they have been trademarked and put everywhere profit can be made(Britney Spears, N'Sync, etc). It calls to mind my m others; Pink Floyd action figures. I'm sure.
Here is the culmination of my point. I believe that the Recording Industry is misguided in blaming cd-burning on the loss of record sales. While it is true this goes, on the amount of people with the technology to really crank out the albums is relatively insignificant, and similar things happened with taping. I believe that the real source of record sales declining is the internet. people can go out and read reviews, listen to samples, and when people find out that there is only one good song by a band, and they hear it every two hours during the day what is the point of buying something. So my guess is if they were to analyze the record sales figures they would see that the sales are more peaked. People all buying the same releases. So that releases are either huge hits, or terrible failures. I would also say that sales of the most popular albums have either remained static, or risen. We will just have to wait and see. Although I recommend trying to find bands that do similar things to what you enjoy, that are pushing the artistic envelope , that are more concerned with the next level of creativity, than whether or not their new sound will appeal to a larger fan base.

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rant #0007 [12 Apr 2002|09:44am]
[ mood | sad ]

I wasn't going to post today, as I have a great many things to do. That was until I read the most recent news in Venezuela and Israel. It brought to mind a quote from Coil, "Joyful participation in the sorrows of the world." That statement rings true to me this morning. After the disintegration of the majority of Communist states the Western World had very little to support organized hatred and fear of.
I once saw a ridiculous program on television that I believe was called Dinosaurs. However, on one episode they were having a news broadcast on TV dealing with war. There country's war slogan was "We Are Right." Which when put as an acronym becomes W.A.R. This always struck me as a very simplistic way of showing how propaganda is so disabling of truth. Each side ensures its people that their's is the rightful course. During World War II Catholic Bishops prayed for the success for both the Allied and Axis powers to be granted divine blessing. Are we to assume that God ignored the Axis representatives of God, and listened to Allied?
War has a certain communicable quality to it. Little brush fires, begin to converge into much larger conflagrations. I have begun to call it muddyfingers. Imagine for a moment that something of universal value was dropped into a puddle of mud. As one cannot see into it it remains impossible to swiftly removed the item without groping for it in the muck. One cannot help but get their fingers muddy, likewise any other individual reaching in either to aid of hamper will similarly be stained.
War breeds death, economic problems, and civil unrest. And what is the gain? Europe consistently fought with its neighbors over the course of a thousand years, and the national boundaries have remained virtually static.
World Leaders flaunt the term "Civilized" nations, unknowingly still trying to claim the "White Man's Burden." Western Nations have always masked their expanisionistic policies under the facade of foreign aid. Aid that very rarely is asked for, except those trying to leverage more power from sources that can ensure it.
During the cold war many Communistic regimes were removed by despots claiming to be Democratic Presidents. Country to which Western Nations are indebted to or have a need for their resources are commonly turned a blind eye. Venezuela had a President for three years who had strong ties with Fidel Castro, and under the guise of being a democratic President, refused to give up power until he was surrounded by a Military Coup. That has a lot of similarity to a abdication of a throne rather than a presidential resignation. He only was removed because his harsh militaristic leaning finally led to opening fire on a group of governmental protestors. Venezuala is the number 2 exporter of oil for the US. There oil industry is handled by a autonomous monopoly which if they were dealing in Cocaine would be referred to as a Cartel. It is hard not to see that their displeasure with the President had a large affect on his forceful removal from office. While Venezuela is the number 3 oil producing country in the world, they remain year in and year out an impoverished nation. If being that large a player in one of the world's most valuable commodities cannot keep an economy afloat then there must be many desiccating underlying influences. I am not just an outsider. My Great Uncle has lived in Venezuela for the past 50 years.
The US is getting frustrated because peace talks go so slow in Israel. Should this be at all surprising, if you take into account biblical information that one can conclude that the Nation of Israel and the Palestinian people have been warring for thousands of years. Even from a European perspective this is a long time. I would go out on an un-researched claim, that they have one of the longest standing rivalries in the history of the world. No matter what is said, I think it is rather obvious that Israel doesn't want to have a separate Palestinian state. One might say they have engaged in tactics designed to antagonize the Palestinians into looking like the evil. I would also say that they would like i very much if the Palestinians would be condemned as a whole for their actions, thus ending the debate. I am not saying that I agree with the Palestinians at all. I just have suspicion that the nation of Israel is using the US' current fear of terrorists to their advantage.
The new cold war is going to be focused on terrorism , not communism. It will result in a Fear Scare instead of the Red Scare. You can see the brush fires, heading toward a conflagration. I am in no way trying to prophesy doom. If you look at history, you can see the elements for a major multinational problem arising now. many nations have just been waiting(perhaps unknowingly) for the right opportunity.And I say if the moment isn't now. It is very soon.

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rant #0006 [11 Apr 2002|08:00am]
[ mood | discontent ]

Last night several subjects came to mind as to what I wanted to talk about today. The one that maintained an irritation is that of Sexual Harassment. I hate everything to do with it. I am not just speaking of the act, although no one will argue that pushing sexual advances on someone uninterested is wrong, and using a superior position either physically or with utilization of power of position is abhorrent.
However, from there the mire gets worse. I truly believe that when sexual harassment became delineated as a punishable crime, it took a great deal of personal strength to come out and speak of something so taboo. I give these brave women immense credit. The story doesn't end there, however, while to a certain extent sexual harassment is about sexual attraction that is really only the foundation of the issue. Certainly people feel desire for union with those they feel sexually attracted to, but by and large if there is mutual attraction this isn't an issue. It is only when these are unwanted does the friction ensue. The harassing individual utilizes some superior position to get what they want despite the disinterest the other individual may feel. To a large extent these provisions can serve as a protection to stop not only those undesired attacks, but possibly affect the possibility of that individual using such approaches again.
This is not a perfect world. Sexual harassment while it may start out as sexual interest, finds itself a distinct desire to have power over another individual. If they didn't have a superior position, and their advances were refused the culprit would slink away tail between their legs. Power allows them the opportunity to attempt to override this rejection. This must be a very heady sensation, but as I have no power I perhaps will never know.
But the power is not always in the hand of the superior individual. Know that the law exists as a weapon to protect, it has in many cases served to become a weapon attack. These provisions created to protect the downtrodden, can now also be utilized to attack and leverage power from an individual above them. This is just as sick to me as forcing sex upon a subservient individual. It is every bit as much of a rape, as unwanted sexual advances. I have now been witnesses of two of these events. And while in both cases the individual was vindicated, their reputations were tarnished the blow was dealt.
I am not indicating that there is any way around this. But in a situation where either side can be the victim one has to ask, from what perspective do we see through when considering the justice system's ideal of innocent until proven guilty. Do we let it apply to both sides of the equation?
Unfortunately, in today's world almost every institution created to help someone in need, is also turned by malignant opportunists that turn it for advantage not protection. People who make a good living on welfare, or People who take Section-8 Housing and refuse to work to better their station so that the rent will stay insanely low, and perhaps a recent example how many individuals a re now being arrested as frauds for taking advantage of the events of september 11th in order to make money that do not need or deserve. It is deeply troubling to me. There is nothing left to say.

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rant #0005 [10 Apr 2002|01:56pm]
[ mood | awake ]

Survival of the Fittest.

I will speak for a moment as someone who believes in Evolution. One of the key aspects of Evolution is Natural Selection, individuals within species that exhibit stronger attributes live on to have children, there children if successful live long enough to in turn mate with a likewise successful individual and bear offspring, thus allowing for genetically strong traits to be highlighted, and weak traits to die off and be eliminated. Somehow species can evolve into new more complex species through this process. This selection process is sometimes called The survival of the Fittest.

However, in a social that flaunts its belief that Evolution to which the keys to the mysteries of life can be unlocked, we live largely in a society that lives in opposition of those credos. It is a very hypocritical situation. if we lived in a society that promoted the ideals of natural selection there would be no shelter' s for the homeless, no homes for the sick, no care for the disabled, no suicide hotlines, no welfare, no hand outs. All of these things and many other valued institutions negate the ability of nature to ensure that only the genetically strong live on to procreate. Many of the most successful, powerful people in the world have very few if any children. While those tat live in squalor an live below "average" standards have by far larger families. Now I realize that there are exceptions to every rule, but by and large the population of successful to unsuccessful in dramatically in the latter's favor, and yet they do not die out. They pass on there rather sad existences. Please do not think that I have no compassion for those that live in dire circumstances, this could not be further from the truth, however, from an evolutionary standpoint our society is offering "get out of jail free cards" to those who had a comparable representative in the animal kingdom would have a very short shelf life. Many people will say that these institutions were created by and large by religious individuals that feel all life has value, and while that may very well be true, one must wonder that if the top agents in the field of evolution were given the opportunity to end these social aids would they do so. I personally do not think there is any chance of that happening. One might assert that this is largely due to the fact that man doesn't have a biological evolutionary cycle anymore, and that our evolution has shifted to sociological and cultural evolution. This is nonsensical for a number of reasons. For on thing if humans were evolving culturally, then why do most cultural efforts gear themselves toward preserving history and tradition. The melting pot that the US claims to be has done nothing but prove that without an emulsifier oil and vinegar remain distinctly different entities. Another reason why this doesn't work for me is if it is the case then Hitler would've been on the right track that one people should emerge dominant and superior over the other. For certainly I will not challenge that the nature of the battle in which the fittest survive can change, the end result does not.
There are others that believe that technology may in fact be the next stage in the evolution of life on this earth. That carbon based lifeforms are on the way out, and that Silicone Lifeforms are going to take precedence. This is almost more logical to me than the assertion that mankind is now in a cultural evolutionary cycle. However, I would still like to think before mankind pulls the plug on itself, it might have been smart enough to pull the plug on the Silicone. But that is me, someone who really doesn't believe that evolution is a law of nature. A person who thinks all the things that work against natural selection are part of what makes humans superior to the animals, but if you are truly an evolutionist you should really consider why you support agencies that defeat the purpose of evolution.

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rant #0004 [09 Apr 2002|02:23pm]
[ mood | restless ]

"Do not attempt to think, or depression may occur."

An amusing quote that rings quite true to me. Where you aware that most newspapers are written in a sixth grade reading level, this is done so that more people can read them. But who are the majority of readers. Certainly not sixth graders. While there may be some youth among the readership, one must realize that it is written so that the majority of subscribers can read and enjoy it. I watched a Shakespeare movie with my brother-in-law who said he couldn't watch it because it was like listening to a foreign language. He asked why they don't put subtitles on them. My step-sister asked which country spoke pig latin.
Okay, I am not a snob at all, and I really don't view myself as that intelligent. However, there are many people out there that choose to be ignorant. My step-brother had never really read a book before he met me. He said books were boring, and that he would rather watch tv or play video games. So I decided on day to take him to a bookstore. I asked him what sorts of movies he liked and games he liked to play. So we walked over and I showed him an appropriate book. He said I can't read this, its 500+ pages, find me something smaller. I said I have read 100 page books that I have had a hard time finishing, and 800 page books I finished in a matter of days. The difference is how interesting the story is. So I bought it for him. A few moths later, I moved out and he still had not read the book. After a few moths in my new home, he called to tell me he finished the book and had really liked, he wanted to know where he could get the next book in the series. He has now read many books, and laughs at how he had used to be. I did the same thing with my younger sister and brother. They are both avid readers now, and I have to take them to get new books all the time. however, if I wouldn't have made the effort who know if they would've made a decision to try to read.
Twenty years ago the USA was 12th in the world in Literacy, today they are in the 60s. How long can the nation continue to get more ignorant until the rest of the world catches on?
At work everyone talks about television. I see countless adds for what I need to create a cinematic experience in my home with hundreds of channels to choose from. And all I need to do is spend more that I would buying 3 hardcover books a month to get it. People nowadays seem unwilling to put forth any effort for anything. Food has to be ready now. I have to buy a whole new set of furniture, but I don't want to save up for it, is there any possible way that I could buy it now and pay for it the rest of my life? have you built up long term debt, consolidate it all on a introductory low interest rate gold card, or better yet go for Titanium. No money down, No interest, no payments, no money down. Apparently we all figure if the nation can have an astronomical, impossible to eliminate federal deficit. So can we.
So what does this have to do with ignorance? They ar both by-products of impatience and laziness. If it takes work, we don't want to do it. We have microwaves to cook meals in minutes. We have Tivo so that we don't have to even worry about whether or not our programs will get recorded. We have cell phones so that we can talk all the time(oh I forgot it was for emergencies only). We have pills designed to absorb all the fat we gorge ourselves with so that we can still stay trim without all that annoying physical exertion. We have so many things designed to make our lives easier that our lives will pass by so fast we wont even have realized that we took our first breath. Our ignorance just comes from that, why take the time to learn, if I can just get by without it? I'll never need to know that in the real world. This may very well be true, but everything you do not learn about this world because you don't need to know reduces its brilliance. Soon all you will have is need want, and the fulfilling drive to satisfy those cravings, define then what separates you from the beasts of the field? I tell you they are self-fulfilled and as such are worth more. Those who choose to be ignorant self-serving instinct based animals are an insult to what humanity can be. It is time everyone thought about what makes us different. It is certainly not having a boat, a mansion, or even Tivo. For surely humans existed long before these things. So what defines man from beast. The ability to think and reason, and once you let someone, or something do that for you, you have become less that the sum of your parts. Do not voluntairly consign yourself to be ignorant. It would be a shame and travesty to do so.

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rant #0003 [05 Apr 2002|01:56pm]
[ mood | okay ]

Ugly Babies-
They do exist. I have seen them with my own eyes. Yet every person I have ever heard describing their children says "I have x-number of beautiful children" Why are so many people so delusional? I have a three year old son, and he is good looking, but I wouldn't say he is beautiful. Although he is much better looking than many people who claim that their children are beautiful.
Have you ever looked at the people around you? How many of them would you consider beautiful. The reality is the majority of individuals are either ugly or average looking, not beautiful. Yet I am sure their parents said they were beautiful as children.
So why are people so blind when it comes to the beauty of their children. I have come up with a few ideas. 1. They remind us of life, humans are obsessed with life and spend their whole life ina vain attempt to forestall the un-halting effects of aging and the winding procession toward death and cessation of life. 2. Innocence, children just reek of purity. Their untarnished and hopeful view of the world around them, coupled with their vitality and exuberance with which they under take everything they do. 3. Oedipal/Elektral based sentiments. In some form every person finds themselves attractive. Even if they no longer take pleasure in the view at the mirror. In addition in order for most people to engage in procreational activities a certain measure of mutual attraction must be there. They see reflected in their child a vision combining a natural familiarity with their own looks, coupled with that of an individual that they felt some measure of attraction for, so subjectively speaking the child is beautiful.
I guess all I am trying to say is I would like to hear once a person say "I am the proud father/mother of an ordinary/ugly child." Can you only be proud of your child if it is beautiful. Most of the people who have made major contributions to our society, were just ugly enough to have no social life, enabling them enough free time to actually put it toward meaningful pursuits.
So go out there and tell some one that they have nothing to be ashamed of with their ugly child, who knows they just might have a little Einstein on their hands. Perhaps I will discuss, voluntary stupidity of the masses.

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rant #0002 [04 Apr 2002|08:49am]
[ mood | tyrannical ]

I am beginning to hate orangutans and other members of the primate family. It is not their fault. Actually I guess I should say that I hate how Companies insist upon depicting me as a potential consumer as a primate. I know at some point this was perhaps funny, but I can't help but feel like this how they really view me. That they are trying to say that their product and service is either so easy to use, or so simple a decision even a monkey would have no problem making it. Maybe I am making a big deal about nothing, but just look at the advertisements around you. How many times have you heard a commercial that rings of falsehood? And yet the model does not change. It is as if they change than the consumer wont know what to do with themselves. Almost every car commercial has that same guy hawking at you to hurry before all the cars are gone. I mean I have to tell you I have seen countless empty cart lots, and can only hope those who really needed to take advantage got there in time. And the part I hate the most is the vocal distortion they use that reminds one of advertisements for monster truck rallies.
Another thing that bothers me is paid programming, the only thing that amazes me more is the fact is that some people must buy what they are selling. BUT, WAIT THAT"S NOT ALL!!!! No, there must be enough people buying to encourage them to keep buying time slots. The fact is that companies manufacture products, and that when they manufacture these products they take into account how much each unit costs to produce, they factor in advertising, pay-role, packaging, and research and development costs. Then they mark up the price above that to ensure a nice profit margin. So if you buy a product and it is 300 dollars, or if you buy one that is supposed to be superior for 200 dollars less, you may be fully confident that you are buying an inferior product most of the time, and then if you order now they will throw in all these additional items, many times duplicating your order. Do people really believe that there really is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Don't even get me started on money back guarantees.
Law firms are another source of irritation for me. I once saw a commercial for a firm that specialized in bankruptcy. They urged people to hurry up and file, before the government changed their options. I saw this same spot for over a year. Another bankruptcy specialist refused to even mention that you would be filing for bankruptcy, they just kept taking about debt reduction and clean slates. One final one that truly got to me was an Injury Practice, were they showed an insurance company training their agents to offer quick settlements to those who are represented by the advertised firm, because otherwise they would stand to loose a great deal more. How patently ridiculous.
The more I see these sorts of ads and their frequency tells me that they must fulfill the desired function. That is indescribably more unsettling. It is amazing that people are that easily influenced by what they see and hear.

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rant #0001 [03 Apr 2002|09:35am]
[ mood | hyper ]

Last night I watched a program dealing with Sponges. they went on to explain how they are basal to all other animal life on this earth. These people really amuse me. They in no way proved this, they took information that could indicate any number of different things and used it to further a theory that they already believe to be true. All I got out of the program was that Sponges are the most basic of animal types. Well, imagine my surprise. Here all along I thought it was Rush Limbaugh. Seriously, how can you get any simpler that an animal that apparently feels no pain, doesn't move, have a brain, a central nervous system, a vertebrae, any kind of internal organs, and passively filters its food. My god, venus fly traps are more complex.

I am really beginning to hate evolutionary slanted natural programming. It just reeks of ignorance and propaganda. It is amazing how sponge like most people who watch these shows are. They here a few polysyllabic words, and all of a sudden this individual on screen must no what he is talking about.

If these people were to write an evolutionary survey it would end up being the most biased informational gathering system since the last EWTN news program. And then they have the audacity to go out and proclaim that religious people do not use their ability to reason, that their mind is focused on faith. I am beginning to believe that evolution requires as much faith as religion. Science has spent almost two centuries trying to prove the theory of evolution, and the initial questions still remain. However, when you watch a nature program, doubt is replaced with the word "somehow". For example. In the pre-life earth their was a primordial ooze that "somehow" started to interact and combine to become living organisms. That type of explanation doesn't prove anything. Try telling a math professor that x=y "somehow" I am sure you will get marked correctly. But hay, who am I to question their faith? I am just saying that it is beyond time for Science to admit there levels of understanding, instead of using politician like evasion when it comes to skirting the truth. I have no issues with the Scientific Method. I understand that you create a hypothesis and then search for answers to prove or disprove it, but at some point don't you have to realize that if you set out to prove something, you personal feelings can skew the results you are getting? Science in my opinion is the opiate of the masses. Religion is falling to way side, and we are consecrating a new god for ourselves."Reason". Only instead of a collection plate they just get our tax dollars, much more efficient.

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